FireStarter Questionnaire

This questionnaire aims to give us an idea of how to pitch our presentation. It is not a test! Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you like. When you have finished, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom. Please complete the form as many times as you like. Thanks!


Q1: Where would you say money comes from?

Q2: The amount of money in circulation depends on the quantity of gold in the world:

Q3: UK bank notes are printed 'I promise to pay the bearer ...'. If you took a note to a bank and asked to be paid, what would you get?


Q4: If the government says there is not enough money to pay for the NHS, or benefits, or pensions, is this statement:

Q5: If the government spends more than it raises in taxes ( a 'Budget Deficit' ), is this just like an individual living off their credit card?

Q6: What does the term 'Quantitative Easing' mean to you?:


Q7: The contribution of the financial sector to public finances is:

Q8: Which comes first: savings or investment? Hint: think about the statement: “Savings provide funds for investment”.

Q9: The Bank of Scotland current strapline is: 'From bartering to contactless'.

Any comments?

Finally ...

[ You don't need to answer these (or indeed any) questions ]
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